We are a technology development company  specializing in hydrogen generation and storage technologies. GreenChek has diversified its revenue streams to include the self-mining and holding of digital cryptocurrency assets. GreenChek utilizes hydrogen stationary electrical power generation to mine digital assets, in order to, finance and sustain its commitment to clean energy. 



We are a publicly traded company with the ticker symbol GCHK-Pink Sheets, OTC markets

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About US

GreenChek Technology Inc. develops and markets hydrogen generation systems.  Our flagship product is the ERD Onboard Hydrogen Generation Injection (OHGI) system which provides world-class emission reduction and fuel enhancement technology. The initial focus for the ERD is heavy-duty vehicles and locomotives. We have invested a significant part of our funding into research and development. In addition to our mobile product, the ERD, we have developed a stationary product for large scale generation and storage of hydrogen.


                          Harness the power of hydrogen